Vibro Shape Belt In Pakistan

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Vibro Shape Slimming Belt In Pakistan

Vibro Shape Slimming Belt Price: 4500/- PKR


Vibro Shape Belt In Pakistan Now Available Online in Pakistan

This Vibro Shape Belt is used to tone and shape the specific body parts with its high quality double Motor vibrating Massage and Heat System.. This belt additionally gives heat and Massage clockwise and counterclockwise movement and five control levels. Vibro Shape Slimming Belt helps tone, tighten, firm and fortify Five (5) control levels, auto or manual operation, 10-moment auto-stop Heating and vibration capacity Oscillatory warmed back Massage movemen

Benefits of Vibro Shape Slimming Belt

1. With PU material and floss fabric material, two Motors, warming and massage function, Vibro Shape have four functions, you can utilize it at distinctive speeds and strength.

2. This Excellent Vibro Shape Belt has an Extra belt with it as this belt is specially designed for extra fat people who has big belly, can use this extra belt with Vibro Shape 3. Vibro Shape Belt in Pakistan has a self Protected function, when the time surpasses 10 minutes,the machine will automaticallu stop so that client will not utilize it exceedly.

4. Vibro Shape Massage Belt

has an excellent remote control board, they have stable control capacity. The belt massager is with one Handbag and a box, so client can take it easily everywhere.

5. Now this model is a standout amongst the most prevalent massage belts.

Vibro Shape Slimming Belt |Vibro Shape Slimming Belts To Loss Weight

If you are busy and overweight or just need some heat directed to a specific part of your body, then best time to choose Vibro Shape Slimming Belts sold on the market, might be of interest. Your muscle aches will be relieved and you can sweat away your pounds. Imagine doing this sitting down in the comfort of your easy chair at home. There is no law as to wearing it to your office. Just the part of your body you want treated will sweat, no need to sweat out your entire body in a sauna.

How To Use Vibro Shape Slimming Belt

You can wear the Vibro Shape Slimming Belt in almost any part of your body.The most common places that users place them in would be wrapped around your abs, waist, thighs, hips and even your buns.

Vibro Shape Belt Price in Pakistan

Vibro shape Belt price in Pakistan on is with special Discount Offer. Instead of Rs.5500, this special High quality Vibro Shape Belt Price is Rs. 4500.

Vibro Shape Belt Specification

Input: AC100-240V, 50/60HZ

Output: DC24V 1A

Watts: 25V

5500-7500 rotating/each minute

Vibro Shape Belt Result Before And After

Vibro Shape Belt loss overweight permanently magic difference before and after no side effect.

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Vibro Shape Belt Price in Pakistan : 4500


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    Vibro Shape Belt In Pakistan Is Very Good Product Now Available In Pakistan With Free Cash On Delivery

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